About Lynn Hernas

Lynn was born in St. Paul, Minnesota where she lived until she set out to see the world, stopping in Seattle. There her travels were arrested when she met her future husband (of 3+ decades!), Knute Hernas. They fell in love, married, and had 2 children, 5 dogs, 4 cats, two geckos, two parrots, several guinea pigs and a goat.

Lynn and Knute moved to Africa with their children in 1994 as missionaries until the evacuation of 1997 brought them back to the United States where they relocated to a small farm town in Washington state where Knute grew up. Lynn wrote her first novel, Even Hippos Can Drown in 2008 based on her experiences in Africa. Hippos is being editing and will be released on Amazon soon. She has also written children’s books and compiled letters between her son and herself in Letters from Boot Camp. Her latest book, One of Those, is Lynn’s memoir about how she went from being an atheist to a Christian missionary. Check it out! She has a couple more fiction stories nearing completion: And Then the Rain Fell and Spy*Hopping. Look for them soon.