One of Those

Follow Lynn’s story as she was eager to leave high school, start college and be independent. Little did she know she was going to turn her life upside down as she entered the 60’s counterculture era with its hippies, drug and sexual revolution. It didn’t take Lynn long to lose her identity as high school valedictorian to a thief who embraced ‘sticking it to the man.’ Shortly after her 10-year class reunion, her life turned upside down when she met one of those—a young Christian man who knew what he believed and why. From atheist to missionary to Africa, you won’t want to miss this story.

This book was refreshingly honest, witty and almost impossible to put down. I felt as if I were right there with her as she attempted to make sense of the world around her. When she experienced the tender influence of a man who was a genuine believer, I saw her defenses begin to crumble, and I was rooting for her as she met challenge after challenge in Africa. What a great read!

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Perhaps the most striking thing about this trip from atheism becoming a Christian missionary is how very real it is. Rather than hiding or glamorizing her past, Lynn reveals it with unusual honesty. At the same time, she does it without offensive language or details. The story of her opinion of Christians and Christianity coming into conflict with actual Christians is compelling and well written. Her adventures and misadventures in Africa are eye-opening. This book is thought-provoking and easy to read. I recommend it.

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Even Hippos Can Drown

Coming soon! Liza Hanson is about to embark on the biggest adventure of her life. Just imagine two weeks together with her dear friend, Heather as relief workers in Africa. But, as many adventures go, this one comes with some unexpected surprises. How could she have known that a chance encounter with a hippo could turn her life upside down? Mystery, intrigue and a civil war just might turn this working vacation into a race against time.

The Forbidden Mountain

Coming soon! “The Forbidden Mountain,” Lynn’s latest book.  It’s a young adult novel written especially with the advent of Lynn’s first grandson in mind. It’s the story of Will Peters and his family, living in the mountainous region of Turkey where Will’s family is spending a year administering medical aid to the region after a particularly devastating earthquake hit the area. Will and his brother and two friends venture up the Forbidden Mountain in search of the legend of Zahhāk’s ghost. In the course of their adventures, they discover an unknown people living there. Add an encounter with bears and an unexpected earthquake and they find out exactly why the mountain has been called forbidden!

Letters from Boot Camp

Experience firsthand through the letters of a young Marine Corps Recruit as he struggles through the challenges of Boot Camp. Learn about what it takes to make it.